If you’ve been pondering an escape from the everyday nine-to-five cycle to see the world and serve a higher purpose, this book might help tip the scale in favor of packing your bags and starting an adventure of your own. In 2012, the author took the leap and exchanged his full-time job for a year of backpacking and hitchhiking through Latin America, while volunteering with various environmental organizations. 

This guide book, aside from offering basic information on 89 organizations throughout Central and South America, brings the experience of volunteering closer to the readers by including four personal stories about the author's work as a volunteer. From recording sound for the “Yasuni Man” documentary deep in Amazonian Ecuador to photographing adventure racing teams crossing a glacier in Chilean Patagonia, the stories bring to focus one idea: traveling as a volunteer can open up a world of opportunities and experiences that would remain otherwise unknown.


10% of all annual proceeds go to an ORGANIZATION supporting environmental causes.