Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative, Nicaragua: Volunteering with hawksbill sea turtles

Organization: Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (ICAPO)

Website: www.hawksbill.org

Location: Venecia, Nicaragua

Volunteer date: 2015

Story by Chie Akiba from the USA


Spending 5 weeks in a country where I didn't speak the language and didn't know anything about was scary and exciting at the same time. Once I got to Casa Alto and met with David, all my worries went away. The people are just so generous and kind. It honestly blew my mind how giving and kind everyone was and how they included you in everything they did. I learned so much not only about the hawksbill sea turtles, but I've had the opportunity to connect with the people in Venecia, learn Spanish, and really appreciate my experiences there. I've also met some wonderful people and became great friends with them. I'm even planning on visiting them in France when I get the chance to go :) Frank, Aida, and Danny were very supportive and are just so good at their job. They really make you feel comfortable and make sure that we get a full experience with the hawksbill sea turtles. Also, I really want to thank Francesco for being so kind and patient. He drove me to and back from Venecia to Managua and always made sure that I have a good time. He only had couple hours of sleep before he picked me up but he never once complained about it. I cannot thank him enough for that. Lastly, David has been a great leader and critical for my great experience with Proyecto Carey. Without his leadership and organization, I don't think my experience would have been the same. I hope to see everyone back again soon!