Eco Yoga Park, Argentina: "Reconnection….in so many ways :)"

Story by Julian Vega


Posted on April 26, 2015
Eco Yoga Park outside Buenos Aires, is one of many in over twenty five countries. The aim is to provide a community based experience in a natural environment where you have the opportunity to get involved in anything from bio-gardening to eco building. The parks are run by Hare Krishna’s….as they are fondly referred to. While this is a name we associate these saffron robed people, they are practitioners of Bhakti yoga…or the yoga of love. Love for everyone and everything without exception. Within these parks they show us how to get back to a basic style of living and eating, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle and a greater connection. It is a great opportunity to remember how fulfilling life can be without the noise…and “stuff”!

Merazonia, Ecuador: Volunteering with animals in the rainforest

Story by Jamie Ashfield

Merazonia, quite literally, changed my life.

I originally visited in 2011, hoping to take a break from the tourist trail and do something a bit different - volunteer and work with wild animals. I had put aside two weeks to spend there, before going back to exploring Ecuador...

WAVES for Development, Peru: "Sustainable Globalization: A New Model for Cultural Exchange"

Story by Riley Tangney

It’s an amazing idea that we can use a common interest to bring together different groups of people for positive growth in both parties. By providing a catalyst for the interaction between different cultures, different nations, and different lifestyles the possibilities for growth are endless.  I experienced this rich exchange and positive growth through working with WAVES for Development in Lobitos, Peru.  Despite the many positive aspects of cross-cultural exchange there are also some very real threats to developing communities like Lobitos.  Over the three months i spent there I experienced the small community's battle to hold on to their traditional lifestyle while incorporating the world’s economic and cultural influences.  This is the inevitable struggle of adapting to globalization that people across the world are facing today.

Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative, Nicaragua: Volunteering with hawksbill sea turtles

Story by Chie Akiba

Spending 5 weeks in a country where I didn't speak the language and didn't know anything about was scary and exciting at the same time. Once I got to Casa Alto and met with David, all my worries went away. The people are just so generous and kind. It honestly blew my mind how giving and kind everyone was and how they included you in everything they did. 

La Asociación Nuestros Ahijados, Guatemala: Volunteering with children in poverty

Story and photos by Annie Phillips

I went into the trip hoping that I could impact as many people as I could while there. I feel as if I have helped and changed the lives of many people so in this way I have been successful. But what I didn’t realize when I started was that the people of Guatemala could teach me so much as well. I have taken with me the importance of family and happiness. I have learned about the simplicity of their lifestyle, and how down to earth they are. I understand now that I am the lucky one because I have enough money to travel to their country. I hope that I will be able to return as soon as possible.