Help me turn this website into a real resource for those who are looking to travel and volunteer throughout Latin America. Your words and thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


If you are now traveling or have traveled somewhere in Latin America then I'm sure you have at least one awesome story to share. Whether it's volunteering or exploring a remote place, your experience and piece of advice will inspire others to follow your steps and accomplish something great. Submit a short excerpt of your writing in the form below (please describe your experience and the volunteering duties, and include dates of volunteering, location of volunteering, and your home country), along with your name and contact, and our team will be in touch with you shortly. If we decide to publish it here, you will get full credit for all stories and photographs that are yours. If any photos you send were taken by someone else, please include a credit.

One by one we will build a community of inspired travelers seeking to do good. Thank you! 

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