Working to support a cause while traveling can be a beautiful way to explore the world.


Volunteering while traveling has led to some of the most extraordinary experiences in my life and introduced me to amazing people. I believe in the power of sustainable tourism as a way to preserve the natural beauty of this planet and various organizations offer unique opportunities to bring your contribution to a worthy cause. The blog and the book I have written serve the purpose of inspiring people like you to pack their bags and venture off to see the world while volunteering their time and knowledge to great non-profits.

– Justin Lotak

Submit your story and inspire someone to follow your path. 

If you have traveled to remote areas of Latin America or are volunteering with an organization and would like to let others know about your experience, share your account with us and we will share it with the world. Share your story here.

This is a new initiative that came along with our new website. Soon you will be able to read about other people's experiences in the Volunteer & Travel Stories section. 


the stories

Read about some of my experiences as a volunteer at different organizations throughout Latin America in 2012-2013. Additionally, read about my travel stories in the Travelogue.

The Book

This guide book is a useful resource containing information on 89 organizations and more inspirational stories. 10% of all annual proceeds go to support environmental organizations.

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